English Premier League History

This week's highest scoring players.

English Premier League

We take a look back at some history behind the English Premier League. Honorable mentions of Mason Mount & Giroud.


Watching the English Premier League live!

The world game football known, as soccer in America and football in England is a game that has so many emotions involved be it as a spectator or a player. It is comparable to baseball in the US, or hockey in Canada when it comes to the following of the game in Europe and South America. The popularity of the sport is growing in America. When David Beckham arrived for LA GALAXY back in the day the exposure of soccer in America to the English Premier League was immense. The world will see how competitive the league is and other players worldwide will be more open minded to playing in this country.

Myself being are football lover, living in England and love watching the English Premier League it can at times be hard to follow your team unless you can watch them live on your television or computer. There are so many streaming services now that let you watch live sports on your computer such as soccer; baseball, basketball, American football, golf, hockey and so many other sports live which really helps during the current climate. It does not matter if the game is played in America or whichever countries you can get to see the game live if you have the right service.

Who I follow!

I follow Chelsea so when it comes to Mourinho’s Spurs I love nothing more then beating them along with Arsenal. Chelsea are beginning to create a great rivalry. So being able to watch them live on my tv is great entertainment.

Be it the English Premier League, FA Cup, Championship League, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Serie A I love watching the world game. Watching my favourite player Mason Mount in full flight playing for Chelsea is an amazing experience. I hope he stays at Chelsea until he decides to retire many years from now. Chelsea winning the Europa League a couple of seasons back was sensational with Giroud showing the way and what about the Championship League Final beating Bayern Munich on penalties back in 2012. That was one of the most remarkable comebacks of all time. There is one thing missing for the past few seasons when it comes to Chelsea and that is winning the English Premier League title.

Following soccer is a game of extremes you can be so dominant and still lose all it takes is that one mistake or that one chance and the result can be totally different than you expect. It’s a game where you have your heart in your mouth so to speak and I would not have it another way. I am grateful I can watch it live on my TV with my family.

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