Who will be England's Right Back at Euro 2020?

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Who will be England's Right Back at Euro 2020?

Possibly the most contentious place in the England squad is the right-backs. We may even see Gareth pick 3 right-backs, with Kyle Walker able to cover at centre back too if needed in a back 3. Let’s take a look at the contenders. Who will be England’s Right Back at Euro 2020?

The Contenders

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

As everyone knows, Trent hasn’t been at his best this season. It is important to note that he is still such a young footballer. Trent was left out of Gareth’s squad last time round and he may need to do something very special to force his way back in. We would start him all day long though. Given his abilities on the ball, we’d like to see him play in midfield if Henderson doesn’t make it.
Gareth’s verdict – STAYS HOME
Our verdict – STARTS

Matty Cash (Aston Villa)

The Villa man has been in good form this season for a Villa side who are possibly challenging for Europe. In a position that has so much depth, though, Cash has no chance of making this squad. Given his young age, he may challenge for squads of the future, but not now.
Gareth’s verdict – STAYS HOME
Our verdict – STAYS HOME

Reece James (Chelsea)

James has had a great season for Chelsea. He has made his breakthrough into the England squad this season and is going from strength to strength. One question mark, however, is his positioning at times and whether you would want 2 young right-backs, if Trent goes, or pick a more experienced player like Walker or Trippier.
Gareth’s verdict – STAYS HOME
Our verdict – SQUAD

Kieran Trippier (Atletico Madrid)

We feel sorry for Trippier, he is so underrated by England fans, including us at times. If Trent stays home and Ward-Prowse isn’t there, Trippier is the best set piece taker Gareth has. We know Southgate is a fan, which may go against him with some fans who don’t see him play much in Spain. While we’d just leave him out, we think Southgate takes him.
Gareth’s verdict – SQUAD
Our verdict – STAYS HOME
Kyle Walker (Manchester City)
While Trippier is under rated, here comes the over rated. While Walker has impressed for City this season, I think I could play right back for City and they’d still win most games. He will make the squad easily, as Southgate will see him as the 3rd centre back should he switch to a back 3.
Gareth’s verdict – STARTS
Our verdict – STAYS HOME

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United)

It is slightly surprising how little people talk about Wan-Bissaka making the squad. Maybe that just goes to show the depth there is at right back. He has had a decent season for United, although does get caught out trying to stay too close to the centre backs at times. He may have to wait for the next World Cup or Euros when Trippier and Walker fizzle out.
Gareth’s verdict – STAYS HOME
Our verdict – STAYS HOME

Who will be England’s Right Back at Euro 2020

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