FPL Debate

An FPL Debate discussing the main topics of the season!

FPL Debate

Each time something significant happens within the Premier League we would like to discuss this with our new section FPL Debate. Let us know in the comments your opinion on each subject!

Jurgen Klopp, among others, has been very vocal in his views that the broadcasters and the decision not to allow 5 subs has caused more injuries than ever this season. But is he right? We have opposing opinions to try and convince you either way, let us know who you agree with this FPL debate.

“Of course, Klopp is right, he should be speaking out” – @SamMay1992

I get why people get annoyed with Klopp, and others, for speaking out, but they are 100% correct. The league are forcing, albeit not their fault, clubs to play a congested season. It’s all fine for those clubs who don’t play in Europe, they have all week to rest. Clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea have been playing 3 times a week, nearly every week. Why shouldn’t clubs be allowed to make 5 subs a game? They did when football returned after the original lockdown. Also, broadcasters have a lot to answer for. Yeah, it’s funny to mock Liverpool for drawing against Brighton and picking up another injury, but after playing in Europe midweek, they shouldn’t be playing at lunchtime on a Saturday. They are not giving the players time to rest, and then not giving managers flexibility to rest them during games by limiting teams to 3 subs.

“Klopp should stop moaning, big clubs should use their squads better” – @JackMcGachie

Do top level managers not realize that they have a squad of players for a reason? They are responsible for resting players that need a rest, not looking out for preferential treatment. If you look at Liverpool’s main injuries this season, they’ve been through players catching Covid, a Jordan Pickford horror tackle, and a goalkeeper who has been prone to injuries anyway. In the lower leagues, teams have to contest with playing 3 times a week pretty much every single week. I don’t hear them moaning constantly like the managers of the big clubs do. As for the point about broadcasters, what do they expect? Clubs get given hundreds of millions every year from Sky and BT and everyone else. So yes, they are going to put the games on that they want. But you know what Klopp could do? Either use that money the tv companies give to Liverpool to improve his squad, or clubs could turn down those millions and play at 3pm every Saturday. We all know what they’d choose there.


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