FPL Price Changes

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FPL Price Changes

A big part of being successful in fantasy football is understanding the FPL price changes of different players and how to take advantage.

As you know, players are given a £100m budget to select 15 players at the start of the season. This can fluctuate throughout the season and we will explain how. First, let’s take a look at how the Team Value is calculated.

Team Value

Player prices change over the course of a season, based on their real-life performances and the amount of people selecting the players. The more players you have performing well, the higher your team value will be. If your team value is rising above £100m, this means you are usually making the right calls, transferring in players in form and getting rid of those who aren’t performing before their value is too badly affected.

Understanding FPL Price Changes

A player’s price is affected by how many managers transfer them in or out in a given week. This is usually based on whether a player unexpectedly scores a lot of points over a couple of games, or on the other end of the scale if a highly picked player suffers a bad injury or suspension. For example, Dominic Calvert Lewin’s value increased by £0.5m in the first 4 game weeks, whereas Sergio Aguero suffered a £0.6m decrease due to his injury.

A player’s price can only go up by £0.1m in a day, and no more than £0.3m in a week. No one knows how many transfers it takes for a player’s price to change, but we estimate that a 10% change in ownership, either way, would surely mean a price rise or drop.

Buying and Selling

Buying and selling players whose prices have changed can be tricky. To briefly explain, if your player has decreased in value and you want to get rid of him, you will only receive his now decreased value. For example, if you signed Aubameyang for £12m and he went down to £11.8m by the time you want to sell, you will only receive that £11.8m to re-invest. On the other side of the coin, if you signed Calvert Lewin for £7m and think his form is about to dip, you will receive 50% of the profit on his value increase. Therefore, if he is now worth £7.6m, you will get £7.3m to spend.

Transfer Strategies 

To take advantage of price changes, you will have to take risks. A lot of people wait for the Friday before a game week to make their transfer. Perfectly understandable as you don’t want to risk your new big-money signing getting injured in training. However, this means you will have to suffer the loss of any price changes during the week as other managers go early. We suggest that if you are watching a striker smash a hat trick in and he’s got Fulham at home a week later, get him straight in before his price increases.


There is a great way to take advantage of price changes and that is with your Wildcard. If you know you are using your Wildcard in a given week, change all the players at the start of the week to those you think will rise in price that week. It doesn’t matter if you don’t plan on keeping them, because you can make unlimited transfers during the week. Therefore, on a Friday when you finalize your team, you will have a load of players who are now worth more money than at the start of the week and have more money to re-invest should you decide to change any.

More FPL Price Changes Tips

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